Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ok so I know I am a little slow, but look who turned one!! Brayden had his first birthday and it was so much fun! We had the whole family over and he got really great toys and clothes. We got him a fire truck car that he LOVES and could play in all day! We also celebrated Chads 28th birthday, ( yeah he is old ) and he got an awesome lawn mower that he has been eying for a while. He loves to mow the lawn ( for real he does) and be outside. There were a lot of birthdays around that time and Brayden shares a birthday with his cousin Riley who turned 11 the same day! Keith ( Chads Dad ) turned I dont know how old but his birthday is the day after Chads, so we had one big birthday party and BBQ with the fam.

Chad hates cake so I made his favorite peanut butter bars and made him blow out candles!

I think this one is cute cause it looks like he is holding up one finger!


The Johnsons said...

Whoa, welcome back to blogger land!! Cute pics. I can't believe Brayden is already one!

Dane & McCall said...

SOOOO STINKING CUTE!! Except there are no pictures of you! Silly woman:) I love love this pic of chad and Brayden and B is smiling all big. Love it.

Ian, Emily, Brock & Sawyer said...

You blogged! I am so proud! Brayden is so dang cute. I want to get one of those cars for Sawyer when he turns one. Ian is so jealous of Chad's lawn mower too!